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Black Iron Development is a real estate development company that is executing on its plan to capitalize on opportunities in the multi-family rental housing market in strategic Southern California markets. 

   –The Company’s strategy is the purchase and modernization of older apartment buildings in strategic neighborhoods.

   –Black Iron and its management leverages their existing relationships and region-specific housing market knowledge  

     that the management team has accumulated over decades.


Black Iron is taking advantage of favorable macroeconomic trends that are driving demand for its business model.

   –Particularly low homeownership rates, fueled by increasing and exorbitantly high home prices.

   –Sustained upward pressure on monthly rents with severely constrained new housing creation.

   –Insufficient supply of modernized apartments to meet rising demand for high-quality living conditions.


The Company has the unique ability to purchase multiple "off-market" properties.

   –Flexible approach allows the evaluation of each investment and market conditions on a property-by-property basis.

   –Successful implementation of each of these strategies leads to extremely attractive returns on equity.


Ralph Giannella

Ralph Giannella


Louis Todaro

Founder / CEO

Mr. Giannella has been a real estate developer, investor and appraiser for over 30 years. He has personally bought, developed and sold over $800,000,000 of residential real estate including over 2,000 value-add apartment units, large scale condominium complexes, hundreds of single family homes and many multi-million dollar luxury homes. Early in his career he was Chief Appraiser for Freddie Mac in San Diego.   

In the early days of the internet, Giannella and his partners were pioneers of internet banking when they founded Bank of Internet USA which they took to a public listing. Bank of Internet has been rebranded Axos Bank and trades on the NYSE: (AX), with a market cap of over $2 billion.  

Mr. Todaro has an extensive real estate career and  background which includes real estate development, residential and commercial lending and consulting for over 15 years. Todaro has years of experience in project planning, design, acquisitions, value engineering, financing, marketing, sales and leasing in the real estate development and value-add apartment arena.

Todaro specializes in residential real estate and has successfully developed many multi-million dollar luxury homes as well as multi-family projects. 

Ramon Moscoso

Entitlement Design & Architecture

Stacey Page

Stacey Page

Property Management

Stacey Page is a seasoned property manager and real estate professional with 22 years of real estate and property management experience. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the current rental markets and trends. 

Stacey prides herself on generating maximum returns for property owners and investors, saving them both time and money, while still providing the residents with a great renting experience. Stacey currently manages a portfolio of 125 properties across San Diego County ranging from multi-family units to multimillion dollar homes.

Jeff Daley

Jeff Daley

Mr. Daley has purchased, constructed and sold over $250 million in residential real estate.  Mr. Daley is President of J.R. Daley Construction and Daley Custom Homes, specializing in commercial and residential construction and value-add apartment modernizations.


Mr. Daley sits on the Board of Directors at Daley Corporation, founded in 1928, which specializes in heavy commercial construction.  The San Diego Daily Transcript named Mr. Daley one of San Diego’s “most influential” in the construction industry.

Mr. Daley holds a B.S. in Political Science and a Minor in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

Ramon Moscoso

Mr. Moscoso is a licensed Architect, a member of the American Institute of Architects and is the Principal Associate at Mosarch Studio Inc.


Mr. Moscoso specializes in custom homes, multi-family dwellings, and multi-family modernization. He has extensive knowledge and experience in construction documents, site analysis, building permits, coastal development permits, site and neighborhood development permits as well as being experienced in interior and structural design.

 Construction and Modernization

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